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December 16, 2011

Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

A/R Management Group, Inc.

PO Box 457

Cannon City CO  81215


Dear Abe,


On behalf of the Business Credit Management Association - Wisconsin and our Members, I want to thank you for the outstanding General Opening Session program you led at our annual State Credit Conference.  And Abe, from me personally as the Conference Coordinator, my sincere appreciation for satisfying absolutely everyone who attended!  The Delegates’ positive feedback was better than we could have ever hoped for!


Your program at our Conference demonstrated the vast knowledge you possess, the ability to get your audience involved and to provide continuous improvement lessons!  Here are just a few of the many comments noted on the evaluations:

·        “We’re expected to be more lean than ever imaginable…after getting valuable direction from Abe, I believe we can realize more profit even in a tough economy.”

·        “Improving cash flow is key to my company’s success.  Abe helped identify areas of opportunity and improvement that I would not have uncovered without this training.”  (We appreciate positive and negative feedback, but this came from one of our harshest critics)

·        “Abe gave us material to work with, very powerful and positive, “Yes I can”, thank you.”


We also appreciate the hard work and effort you put into planning specifically for our Group.  You were thoroughly prepared to speak to our profession and we thank you for that.  It gives us great pride to offer a program and welcome presenters with your reputation and expertise.


One final message from another attendee; “Let me know when Abe comes back to Wisconsin.  It will give me a chance to invite others from our company who were not able to attend the Conference.  Abe’s session was time and money well spent!” 


Warmest regards,




Dianna Rowinski

Director, Educational Services

Wisconsin Credit Association

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