Short Term Source of Working Capital
Money is a tool of the trade, regardless of the business you're in. 
It's the lubricant that keep the machine running

Assets are good but you can't tell employees, suppliers, the IRS, or the phone and power companies that  instead of a check they are getting inventory or an A/R...they want cash.   And if you run out of cash, you're out of business.

There is now a proven  model whereby Institution Investors can advance short term working capital to qualified companies based on their A/R (accounts receivable) ...... at a very competitive rate.
Unlike traditional factoring (selling at a discount) the transactions  remains anonymous and your customers are not  contacted or made aware of the transaction.
The cost to the business securing the working capital is low when compared to other forms of financing, funding is quick  and you retain control of the terms restrictive covenants, personal guarantees or hidden fees are involved.
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