University of Industrial Distribution

Attendee Comments
Very energetic and fun to listen to. [Sales]
Excellent ideas on credit.
This course alone was well worth the cost of UID.  I was riveted to my seat. [Controller]

Extraordinary! [Vice President]
Great speaker.  Would recommend. [Branch Manager]
Working for an
ISO certified company I found the course useful for pushing credit/AR toward quality initiatives [Account Manager]
Awesome speaker!  Very enlightening and I now view credit and the credit function very differently. [Director of Business Operations]
Very eye opening! Excellent content that can be implemented. [Executive Assistant to
Very good and good ideas and stories.
Abe did a great job! [Branch Manager]
I especially appreciate the system of identifying your late A/R and then having a log to track the credit manager's progress.  [Branch Manager]
I've never met a native American that talked so much or so quickly.  Very enjoyable and informative.  Thanks.  [Manager]
Re-enforcing many tools we are using tomorrow, introduced a few tools we could use.  Several ideas we are considering at this time.  Thank you. [Branch Manager]
Has a quote for everything. [Manager]
Excellent!!  Held my attention!  [Operations Manager]
Good speaker, interesting, good ideas, upbeat, informative, very dynamic and enjoyable. [Regional Sales Manger]
Fabulous presentation! Best material and seminar I have ever been to. [Sales]
The wit, humor and examples used hammered home the business advantages to changing over paradigms for the a/r function [Controller]
Fantastic stories that worked well with the topics. [Sales]
Great energy, thank you.  Useful information to take back and use in my practice. [Sales]
Provided me with an eye opener into the credit world.  The company I work with needs vast improvement in this area.
Interesting concepts. I look forward to the results of my project.
This is an area of business growth our industry has ignored. Very informative. [Operations Manager]
Great job!  Spirited and valuable information.
This course has opened my mind to how I'll view the accounting department within my organization. Accounting can also be a very powerful sales force. [Sales/Operations Manager]
This course was excellent, kept me intrigued the whole time and gave me some great tools to take back to my company and begin implementing. [VP Sales]
Very good presenter.  [President]
Enlightening instructor, thought provoking. [VP Operations]
The instructor was great and made the material more interesting than expected.  A broad range of knowledge and literary reference added to the scope of the lecture. [Business Manager]
Extremely good presentation of material. Real world examples, very good combination in text book material covered. [Financial Manager]
High energy presentation! Abe was captivating, I felt I was watching an entertainer, but with wisdom (real) to share.  Thanks! [Branch Manager]
Abe gives an energetic presentation that keeps you attentive. [Sales]
Great communicator, excellent content, complete and applicable information, and wonderful wisdom. [General Manager]
Very quick but in depth.  Straight to the fact.  [Office Manager]
Useful, instructor knowledgeable, friendly. [Operations Manager]
Made me look at our credit person's function and necessary tasks.  Re-evaluate her daily do's and performance. [Operations Manager]
I am not involved with our credit dept. But I will be looking for ways to implement these ideas in my department even if they do not involve cash. [Safety Director]
Presentation was excellent.  I will now see my a/r team as a tool rather that a hindrance. [Sales]