In-House Past Due A/R Management Service
Money Is The Tool of All Trades...It Keeps The Business Machine Running
A/R (accounts receivable)  makes up the single largest source of a company's on-going working capital.

Slow or non-paying credit customers can create a cash flow problem that affects a company's ability to pay it's own bills on time,to  take advantage of cash discounts or if it gets bad enough, to even make payroll.

What if there was a way to improve cash flow without having to sell good customers' invoices at a big discount and running  the risk of alienating them or having to resort to use of costly 3rd Party Collections?
What if there was a proven and professional service available that would compliment , not replace, your own A/R Management efforts and  that would allow you to retain total control and ownership of your customers' invoices and of all money paid?
And what if this service cost less than either selling your good customers' invoices  or assigning away your rights on past due customers to a 3rd party Enforcer?

There Is  
A/R Management Group, Inc.  (ARMG), a Colorado Corporation with over 40 years of Credit and A/R Management experience, provides an  In-House Past Due A/R Management Service where all work
is done in your company's name and all payments go directly to you.
Our In-House  A/R Management  service is a  cost effective  cash flow  support  service to small and medium businesses.
We  manage  past due customers, selected by you, on an ongoing or on a project basis and maintain an open line of communications with you.
You and your staff  will gain  productive  time to  manage  your core business , to generate more sales and revenue and to safeguard your customer base.
Our proven  approach is structured. Our calls  are friendly and yet Professional, resulting in payment without the unnecessary loss of customer good will and future repeat business.
If a customer is or becomes a true potential for loss, we have the experience and the  ability to determine what further fruitful  action needs to be taken.
Our  work supports the efforts of  business owners, accounting staff,  finance directors and  sales managers.
How It Works

You select the accounts that you would like ARMG to handle. It can be those beyond a certain age, 60 to 90 days plus past due, or all your A/R (accounts receivable).

Based on the number of accounts, the age of the accounts  and the total dollars involved a percentage fee will be quoted.

The more accounts, the more current the accounts and the larger the dollars involved... the lower the % fee.

A simple and clear  "contract employee agreement" is signed. This is  similar  to hiring a Temp. except that our fee is based on success...on money in the bank and not a set dollar rate.

There are no additional costs such as  unemployment insurance, workers comp. matching tax withholding or employee benefits.
ARMG will contact  the customers you have selected, determine why the account has not been paid and effect payment using a proven  approach and years of hands on experience.

 Once payment has been received by you and only after that, ARMG will bill you for the fee.
All your and your customers' data is kept strictly confidential and not reported to or shared with any other party.
Sometimes in the process of working with past due customers areas of opportunities for improvement  will be uncovered and will be reported to you at no additional costs. 
Implementation of  new efficiencies will  lower costs of doing business for you and your customers giving your company a competitive advantage.
1) You select the  accounts to be worked and our  fee is success based, we are paid only after  the customer pays you.

2) You retain total ownership and control of the accounts you select to be handled/worked by ARMG and all work is done in your company's name and all payments go directly to you
3) This service assists and does not replace your own A/R Management efforts
5) Based on years of hands on experience with a wide range of industries ARMG uses a proven positive approach to getting customers to pay without the unnecessary loss of good will.
6) The Cost of this service is less than either selling your good customers' invoices or assigning past due customers to a 3rd party Collector.
7) We work as contract employees so you have no additional tax or cost responsibilities
Types of Businesses We Service
Professional Services... Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Architects, Medical and Dental Practices
Wholesale  Distribution and Supply Houses
Advertising Agents
Communication Companies
Contractors, Prime and Sub
Publishers, Newspapers and Magazines
Commercial Printers
Broadcasters, Radio, Cable and Television
Transportation Companies

First Step...
Contact ARMG at 719-276-0595 or Email your name, Company Name, Phone Number and the best time to contact you to and we will call you.

Restrictions and Disclaimer
ARMG is not a 3rd Party Collection Service nor a Law Firm and can not assist with personal debts (business only)