Evergreen Marketing Group
February 2008
Participant Comments 

What did you find most valuable from this forum?


-To implement a finance charge with the understanding that it is useful as an advantage for better payment.

-Whole new perspective on credit

-WalkingBear’s philosophy

-New ideas


-It’s not collecting; it’s completion of the sale.

-System’s problem log - I see uses other than collections.

-Most past dues are due to problems (70%)

-Credit is a sales support function: grow sales, find a way to say yes = commercial lubricant

-“Four Steps / Three Types” made it simple

-This was an introduction to the credit world for me and what I found most value was the push for change from collections to the completion in sales.

-Problem log concept and implementation

-New ideas

-Refresh of old ideas

-Innovative ideas and thinking

-To improve customer relations and air issues


What did you find least valuable from this forum?


-Nothing - you can learn from everything.




-Nothing was least valuable…all information was useful.

--Everything was eye opening.

-There was a little too much on change.

-It was not that detailed, but we only had one day and for the time allowed, I thought it was well done.

-More sharing of ideas with other attendees


If you could change any part of the program, what would that be?


-Make it 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM - 11/3 days




-Nothing needs to be changed.  Maybe add one more day.

-Probably to have a bit more time.

-More conversation between participants.

-More time for discussions between participants

-Possibly make it a two-day workshop.  There was a lot of information for one day.



What have you learned from this forum that you will implement in the next 3 weeks?


-Finance charge

-Focus on largest amount first

-Call log

-Changes in new account approval process

-Employee letter

-Problem log

-Discount on old money

-Build better relationship with customers and sales.

-Implement new ideas

-I’m too new at the company to make any changes or implement new procedures.

-Print the aging report by dollar volume, rather than alphabetically.

-Look into customer information,

-NATBS in system - not on aging.

-Types 1, 2, 3 and how to deal with each

-Share information with the Vice President of Sales and the Credit Manager

-Share systems problem logs or do it myself - share with team

-Start measuring credit department

-Improve communication

-System problem log

-Compliant letter

-CDI Measurement


-Call log

-The systems problem log


Any other comments about the School?


-Great experience for the new guy.  I enjoyed everything.

-Abe WalkingBear was absolutely amazing!!

-I enjoyed it and learned something.  It is always good to walk in someone else’s shoes.

-Abe WalkingBear kept it interesting.  I was engaged the entire time.

-The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

-Very well done.