Declan Flood

Declan Flood FIICM,
Chief Executive of the Irish Institute of Credit Management, has over 20 years hands on Credit experience in Credit Control and Credit Management with Unilever, Green Isle Foods and IAWS Group. He is a graduate of the Institutes Education programme and a Qualified Business Coach, he received his Qualification in Training & Development from National University of Ireland in Maynooth. He has been training in all aspects of credit management for the past eight years, generating a sense of enthusiasm and urgency for all who have been through the training experience. His approach is effective without confrontation – and brings a whole new focus to Customer Service, and Profit growth.
   A renowned trainer, he is certified on the copyrighted Profit System of Credit Management.

Program Offerings

Business Credit Risk Assessment

Managing Credit - A Whole New Way

Focussed Telephone Collections in Europe

Contact:  Pam Willis  (719) 276-0595