Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

In his own words

"Prior to serving as a Corporate Credit Manager I owned a small business and understood first hand
the Profit Imperative...the need for every business manager and business function to contribute to profitability.

 What I found in Corporate Credit Management was a mindset fixated on risk and not on profit.

Having seen how my own organization, our suppliers and our business customers misunderstood and underutilized
the Credit and A/R Management function I entered the business consulting and training field in 1982.


The target audience  for my work is Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, and senior business managers...
the decision makers who can make improvement happen once they know a better way."


Profit Centered Corporate Credit Management


Developer of the copyrighted Profit System of B2B Credit Sales and A/R Management,  Abe WalkingBear Sanchez has worked with many hundreds of Business Owners, CEO and senior business managers groups internationally  including at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. The endorsed Credit Consultant for STAFDA's 2900 members and PEI's 1600 members, he has spoken to well over two hundred Vistage CEO Groups internationally.

WalkingBear was both a panelist and speaker at the 2007 World Credit Congress held in Mexico City, the 2009 World Credit Congress held in Dublin, the 2011World Credit Congress held in Sydney and was the keynote and featured speaker at the 2013 World Credit Congress in Johannesburg.


WalkingBear has authored hundreds of business articles, is a contributing columnist to The Wholesaler and Progressive Distribution Magazine, he is the author of Profit Centered Credit and Collections 1999, co-author of STAFDA's  Foundations of a Business 2007, and co-author of the international book, The Best Kept Profit Secret: The Executive's Guide to Transforming a Cost Center 2009.


WalkingBear can be reached through

A/R Management Group, Inc.