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A/R Management Group, Inc.

Training for Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors and
Other Business Managers on:

          More and Larger First Sales
          More and Larger Repeat Sales
          Improved Cash Flow
          Higher Customer Service and Retention Levels
          Ongoing Process Improvement
          Controlled Bad Debt Losses

The Profit Imperative of B2B Credit Sales

> 80% to 90% of B2B Sales are made based on payment at a later date i.e. credit is extended.

> A/R (accounts receivable), short term money due from customers for the purchase of goods and services is often one of the largest assets a business has...on average A/R represents 40% or more of the total assets.

Next to cash on hand the A/R is normally the closest thing  to money in the bank, it's a very liquid asset.

There's a cost factor of 8 to 14 times as much involved with selling to a new customer than there is in selling to an existing customer...the repeat sale is most often the most profitable sale.

Credit Sales and A/R Management is misunderstood and underutilized by most business owners, CEOs, Managing Directors and senior business managers...they still view it as a negative, a cost center and as the ugly stepchild of accounting, as one CEO put it.

> Most companies fail to achieve the B2B Credit Sales Profit Imperative.

The Profit System of B2B Credit Sales Management developed and copyrighted by A/R Management Group, Inc., is a field tested and proven set of methodologies recognized as the most significant [r]evolution  in B2B Credit in the last 50 years. Since 1982 A/R Management Group has worked with companies and associations across industry lines. A/R Management Group, Inc., is a training and consulting company based in Canon City,  Colorado with international affiliates.

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